Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hiking the Northwoods!

A group of fine folks recently visited us here at Northwoods Outfitters. They wanted to bypass the adreneline rush of water-water rafting and just experience nature firsthand. Our sales personnel were able to help some of them update their rustic walking sticks with state-of-the-art Trekking poles that help cushion impact on their knees. They also picked up one of our hottest selling books, written by one of our own guides, "North Woods Walks - A Collection of Hikes in Northern Maine" - which is now in its second edition. From this book, these folks chose to hike Little Moose Mountain. A camera is a valuable asset for this walk. Not only were these people raving about the views and up-close encounters with nature - but, supplied us with a photo of the breath-taking view from the top! Call us for help in your upcoming wilderness adventures! 800-223-1380 or visit