Monday, October 3, 2011

Paddling the West Branch

With the close of Summer, the Northwoods Outfitters team decided to take a little R & R trip. We closed the store down one dreary Monday afternoon and piled into the trusty van for our excursion: paddling the West Branch. For me personally, this was one of those moments in life that is simultaneously as terrifying as it is beautiful. I have been in a kayak before; I understand the concept of paddling; however, I had never kayaked in moving water: with rapids and rocks. I am admittedly, a novice.
And I think it showed: I departed wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It was not until after the fact that I was advised "cotton kills".

Our trip was beautiful. Although the day was overcast and drizzly, the foilage was magnificent. There is something alluring about the peaceful quiet of nature. We ended the trip with burgers and dogs on the grill. A great afternoon for all.
Richard & Steve


Mike & Pat

Hope & Chris

Dan, Dave, & Emerson