Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventures with Dan: Adventure Crew 100

It was an adventurous trip for some recent customers of Northwoods Outfitters. The crew headed out for several days of camping & canoeing on the Penobscot, clad out with Northwoods' equipment. On Thursday morning Dan headed out for their 12 noon pickup. It was a nice day; a bit cloudy, with thunderstorms moving in with the evening. Dan had a several hour drive ahead of him to reach the specified pickup location. Along the way he enjoyed many wildlife sightings: deer, hawks, a cow moose, a bear and her cub, and fox. After a long but enjoyable drive to the pickup location, Dan found that the crew had not arrived. This was a bit unusual but Dan, in his laissez-faire manner, didn't panic--not yet anyway!

It was quite apparent after some time that this party wasn't going to be showing up anytime soon. With nightfall quickly approaching, Dan drove around in the northwoods wilderness tirelessly searching for our customers. He grew more and more nervous with every passing hour. To complicate things further, he was unable to maintain contact with Northwoods Outfitters because of lack of cell phone service. Dan was relying upon the Ranger Stations and using their phones. He was driving from one location to another, searching for our customers.

Back at the store, we still hadn't heard from our customers. We, too, were growing worried. The thunderstorms were setting in.

Long story short, Dan did eventually pick up our customers. The crew had missed their designated pick up location and were found at another spot. All were in good spirits when he finally found them. Fortunatley, everyone was safe. We chuckle about the mishap now. Dan drove a total of 16 hours that day!

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