Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Season is on its way! Snowmobile Rentals Maine Winter Vacation

Well we hope....We are well into our fall/early winter season in the Moosehead Lake Region. The leaves have fallen from the trees. The wildlife of the area are starting to move to the next season as well. The Moose "Rut" mating season is well behind us and Whitetail Deer too. The woods have grown quiet but for that chattering of hte Red Squirrels scolding me while she fills her nest with food for the winter. Its just days now until The Big Lake caps over for that long winter coating of deep thick Ice. This can only mean one thing for those of us who love the next season. WINTER IS COMING!

Our staff have busy as Beavers preparing the store with new inventory like warm clothes, Skis, Snowshoes and Snowmobile Gear. The snowmobile rentals are getting a good tune up. X/C ski packages are flying out the door in anticipation of that first big snowfall of the season. Keep posted to this blog- as the next will be full of winter pictures and activity reports. It wont be long now.
Maine Moose Watching Maine Winter vacation

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